Welcome To My Worlds

Candid head only picture of Leroy Cook with a red tie
Leroy Cook, Lovin life.

CQ is Ham Radio jargon for “Is anyone out there?” Synergy is one of my goals. Zen Buddhism teaches: “Enlightenment requires a leap of faith no matter how many books one reads or gurus one consults. ” This is an offer and an invitation to leap together.

NO GREAT PROMISES:  This site, this web page, will  evolve and eventually could, if anyone cares, become my cobbled together autobiography.  It is an opportunity to see inside my mind and memories at no charge.  It will be worth at least what you pay for the view.

I am writing sporadically about adventures and realizations from the past seventy years trying to convey what worked for me.  I want you to be as lucky as I have been and still am. Synergy will happen. Serendipity is on our side.

Learning and loving life are only part of the story. Last year passed two sets of 350 question real estate tests in spite of having a trauma damaged and age dulled brain. If you aren’t sure if you can do something, just go ahead and do it. It will eventually be too late but it might not be too late yet. My stories and thoughts will be raw material from which I hope others gain knowledge, wisdom, inspiration or at least a release from boredom.

Click on and explore the menu items at the top of the page. Don’t expect it to be real well organized or Hollywood perfect.  It will hopefully become better organized with time as I learn how to move things around better. I gave up on finding perfection some time ago, in others or myself.  In the interest of creating something as original as possible, I am not using any “experts” or models in creating The CQSynergy Project. If you can give me any kind of feedback even if it is only an email “I am here” it will be appreciated. I have been thinking about doing this for many years and I don’t expect it to bloom overnight. Help me reach my pot of gold (sharing) at the end of the long rainbow.

You are welcome to offer comments by sending me a personal email with your thoughts or questions.  My email address is luckyLeroy2017@gmail.com.

This project was begun in mid 2016. It has been tweaked from time to time until today, December 18, 2017. Please excuse seeming contradictions. My memory never has been perfect and as I add from time to time I might recall details differently. When describing my experiences and even opinions, I will attempt to avoid writing fiction. I am old fashioned enough to believe the truth is preferable.

Keep enjoying each day.  I sometimes have to remind myself but so far so good.

Here is a link to a brief article about how communication is being abused. My pet peeve about email and social media is incomplete communication.

Here is a link to another site called “Antiquity Blog” where I thought you would be able to post a brief comment which me and the world would be able to see and respond to.  It does not appear the comment posting function is active yet but you might see a little message in the lower right corner saying you can follow the page.  If you do, please follow it.  I assure you, i am not gathering names and email addresses for anyone else or for any nefarious purpose. I am attempting to learn the mechanics of blogs as opposed to web pages and emails. It is a slow process for someone from the pre-Internet world.

It appears I might have just found out how to allow comments on this page.  If so, please leave a comment.  If comments still are not allowed, don’t bother to leave one. (Boo!)

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