The Donut Group

Donut Group
Donut Group

The Donut Group:

This message is written to thank the “Donut Group”. They allowed me to join, listen and occasionally say something I thought was funny during the serious debates on who should be elected president or how the world should be run by the politicians.   The only formal organization of this group is the members know who they are.  I was introduced to the group in 2013 shortly after Margaret and I rented an apartment in preparation for a permanent move from our “Oak Harbor” home to Kirkland.  I encountered one of the Donut group “members”   while participating in a Volksmarch hike near Kirkland. Since I was new in the area he suggested I stop by for coffee and donuts to meet some established locals. I accepted the invitation and, along with Margaret, have been a sort of regular every since. The “group” meets seven days a week and consists mostly of men, nearing or past retirement age, who have lived in the area for many years. No one calls the roll or chairs the meetings. Before Margaret started attending with me two or three times a week, there were a couple of other women who dropped in from time to time and one regular who is an inspiration to us all.

The group “meetings” are whenever at least two of the twenty to thirty sort of regulars show up for coffee and a donut or two between 6:30 and 9:30 a.m.  Most mornings the group consists of between three and ten or twelve “members”.

Margaret and I are going to be moving to Arizona in July, 2016 and look forward to attending whenever we are able to get back to Kirkland.  If all goes well, that will visit Kirkland quite often during the summer months. As a life long student of people, groups, philosophy and the world, my participation in the Donut Group has been a rewarding endeavor. The groupl is a little like a Rave without the music.  It has inspired me to launch the CQ Synergy Project, a writing and public speaking project I have procrastinated for many years.  The placement of this thank you message on the page of a web site/blog is the beginning of that project.

I invite all members of the Donut Group and anyone else who reads this to send me an email to if you are willing and interested in participating in an easy and free adventure.  I won’t flood anyone with emails or give your email address to anyone else but I will attempt to use a combination of email a web site and blogging to broaden and strengthen both my relationship with others and their enjoyment of whatever group(s) they belong to.

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