Goodby Grumpy

I have considered myself positive and courageous most of my life and when we decided to leave Washington State and become permanent Arizona residents again I thought I was being positive and courageous as usual.  After all, I had built a good base for my real estate sales in Kirkland and moving meant starting over in Arizona with possibly many months before developing any income again.  To  drive home the seeming lunacy of leaving my foundation building behind, during the drive to Arizona I received phone calls and emails from four separate possible customers I had been working on in Kirkland the past three years. Oh well, I said.  I will just start over again and do what others don’t like doing like I had done so many times in the fifty plus years before.

We got here less than 8 weeks ago and I already finished over 100 hours of classroom training and passed four tests totaling over 500 questions.  I finished jumping through hooks and filling out forms a week ago and I am now a full fledged Real Estate Broker in the State of Arizona.

The past three months took a toll evidenced by my weight dropping almost ten pounds for the first time since I graduated from high school. I should have been relieved and relaxed again once I proved I could still pass tests and take pressure week after week but I didn’t feel relaxed. When my license was issued I immediately signed up with a staffing company to work for very low hourly pay as a temporary “New Home Sales Rep”.  Faced with many months of finding live prospects before doing any good selling as a broker, I figured the temp work would be a way to learn about the new home sales part of the industry while at least earing enough to cover some of our monthly shortfall. I got my first assignment almost before I finished applying for the job and I am nearing the end of my first new home babysitting day as I write this.

When I awoke early this morning I realized I had become grumpy over the past few weeks. I have accepted the reality of being 77 years old in a world where most things and people are thrown away before becoming that overripe and I thought I could ignore reality without any side effects.  I realized this morning I was and am more frightened than I had let on to myself. That is my self diagnosis.  Being afraid manifests itself in many different ways and being grumpy is how it showed up in me. Fortunately I know the cure for  fear is usually action and acting.  I am still capable of action and I can still act like I am positive and courageous.

I will quit being grumpy and keep enjoying my good luck as long as I am allowed. There are still a lot of challenges to deal with and I like overcoming challenges.  I  have a wonderful and tolerant wife, two fantastic daughters, two terrific grandsons and more great friends than I deserve. What’s to be grumpy about when you are that lucky at any age?

Regardless of how much money I make as a real estate broker, as long as I am still able, my goal is going to be “A Helpful Resource”.

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