I admire many more people now than I did when I was a younger man. Possibly it took me over sixty years to mature beyond the hedonistic stage of development.  Whatever the cause, I am now awed many times every day by what others have accomplished.  I look at blogs created by others and am amazed at the amount of work I now know has gone into something as seemingly simple as writing and publishing a blog.

This web site and blog is probably the closest I will ever come to following the footsteps of Daniel Boone.  I am wandering around in the wilderness, a digital one, and dealing daily with whatever unknown confronts me.

Frequently, at least every few days, I have one of those days when I feel I am on the right track for getting somewhere and bright crisp ideas for things to write about and business ideas bubble up in my mind.  These flashes always seem to occur when I am somewhere other than at the keyboard trying to write something that makes sense.  By the time I get to the computer and keyboard I am overwhelmed by the things I could be doing if I only knew how.  This morning I made a tiny step toward understanding how the menu setup works in WordPress.  That is progress.  I am now going to save this page of rambling and attempt to make it findable in a menu.  Wish me luck.

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