Some word combinations are impossible to improve on.  Here are some of my favorites.

Dale Carnegie said: “Any fool can complain, criticize and condemn, and most fools do” Any Fool

Zig Ziglar described introspection as “A checkup from the neck up”

The Preacher in Ecclesiastes said: “There is nothing new under the sun.”


Easy is the enemy.  (Why?)

It’s not a perfect world.  (Who says?)

An attitude of gratitude


I am not qualified to tell anyone else what their answers to these questions should be or how to live their life. These are questions I consider and I believe the way I have acted and answered them most of my life have been the reason I have been as lucky as I have in so many ways.

Any Fool

After attending a Dale Carnegie course three times (twice as an assistant) I realized criticizing or complaining about things is a bad habit but just knowing something rarely changes a life long habit. I printed the Any Fool” quote from Dale Carnegie and placed it in my wallet so I saw it every time I opened the wallet.  I carried it for over three years that time and still have it spread throughout my belongings so I come across it regularly.  It helped me develop new habits like responding to others wanting to criticize and condemn things with something like: “I have discovered it isn’t a perfect world.”. I continue to gain on having an “attitude of gratitude.”

Easy is the enemy

I don’t recall when “easy is the enemy” first came to me as an aphorism. I believe it was sometime after I launched my real estate career. One of the reasons I went into real estate was to find out for sure if I still had the capability of learning something totally new and succeeding in a new business. The more I think about the concept of “easy is the enemy” the more obvious it seems.

Some rhetorical questions:

When you need to go to the second or higher floor in a building where a stairway is as easy to find as the elevator or escalator, do you take the stairs? Do you, like most people, admit to yourself you need more exercise?

When deciding whether or not to do something challenging requiring taking risks and overcoming obstacles do you opt out because it is easier to look for something less risky or easier to do? Do you, like most people, feel bored some of the time and wish your life was more exciting?

When you need or want to go to a friend’s house up to a mile away, the weather is okay and time pressure is not an issue, do you walk or drive? Do you, like most people, lament about the rat race keeping us from getting out and enjoying the nature around us like one does what we are walking?

Do you weigh more than you would like to? Do you pay to work out at a gym to try to keep your heart and muscles healthy?

When you have a good idea for something possibly fun, exciting or profitable to do, do you only plan on doing it if you can find someone else to do it with you or do you go as far as you can toward doing it with or without someone else?

When you have discretionary time do you regularly watch TV instead of taking part in physical or face to face social activity?

Do you work at a job or in a field you don’t like or are not excited about?

Are you bored with life and just keep letting time pass hoping something fun and exciting will come into your life some day?          TOP


the phrase: “It’s not a perfect world” has been helpful for me in two ways. First,  I was raised in a home where nothing was ever good enough. This resulted in me feeling everything I did was not good enough long after I was out on my own. When I finally recognized and accepted the lack of perfection in everything and everyone else, I was able to relax and enjoy life a lot more myself. It is okay to not be perfect. Secondly, the phrase ” Yes,it’s not a perfect world” is a useful tool for changing the subject when someone else is complaining about things in general and I don’t want to participate in a pity party or gripe session.        TOP