Thank you for checking out the beginning of this adventure.  Unless you are a techie what you have seen here at the CQSynergy project probably seems confusing.  If you are a techie it might seem inane. In either case, please allow me a little more of your time over the next few months. I won’t promise to make you rich or famous and I don’t claim to have any secrets to share.  What I do have are many “realizations” which are frequently referred to by success gurus as secrets.

So you know where I am coming from, here are some of the things I have done and places I have been.  I have:

traveled in over fifty countries,

flown bush planes on wheels, skis and floats throughout Alaska,

survived from a severe departure stall at 200 feet of elevation,

stayed married to the same wonderful woman for over fifty years,

skied in Oregon, Washington, Alaska Connecticut and Switzerland,

wind surfed over the coral reefs of Bali,

bicycled through the jungles of Cambodia.

traveled in Vietnam as a civilian in 1963,

authored a column in P I Magazine on private investigation for ten years,

worked as a private investigator throughout the U.S. and in Europe and Asia,

hitch hiked through Syria and Lebanon.

been the target of and avoided a black market sting in Burma,

hitch hiked rides on cars, trucks, airplanes and ocean going freighters,

had a lead part in a made for TV movie in Luxembourg,

avoided death by inches, seconds and reflexes numerous times,

scuba dove in Alaska, the Pacific and the Gulf of Mexico,

traded securities, options and futures.

got my real estate license at the age of 74 after  traumatic brain injury at age 66,

closed multiple real estate transactions successfully throughout the Puget Sound area

etc, etc, etc

Besides doing what one can to be lucky, I don’t have any suggestions for how others should live but maybe my stories will provide a helpful reference point for others.  If you can and will ask a question about any of the items listed above, it will make it easier to write about them. The things I did seemed normal to me at the time.

Here is a “secret of success” that improved my “luck”. As a private investigator, traveler and businessperson, without waiting for the stars to be aligned, I started from where I was, with what I had and did whatever it took to move in the direction of the goal.  As the Nike motto says: “Just do it.”

You can reach me by  phone, text or email .  425-559-3689 or