1939 1944 Buz and BB gun, Myrtle Creek OR
1945 1951 Hazel Dell Elem School:   Bob France fights,   sucker punched, Tetz’s Tavern,   HD Community Hall,  Bicycle handlebars Swimming in Salmon Creek??, Doug  Montie, Vancouver Lake, hunting. Broke porch window. Stitches in lip & shoulder. Cut foot, Mt St Helens.
1951 1954 Shumway Jr high: Stage crew, Walking home from Kiggin’s Bowl, Girlfriend  bicyle rides,  Vancouver Lake, hunting
1954 1956 Vancouver and Ft. Vancouver H.S.:  Wrestling, Ed Poe, 38 Chevy, Bad clutch, Lacamas Lake,
1956 1957 Oak Harbor H.S.:  50 Ford rollover,  Ford rebuild, wrestling team captain, broke fist, girlfriends, 51 Lincoln Lido
1957 1958 Ft. Ord, Fort Leonard Wood, Snake hunting, Fight from chow line, Hitch hiked home, 54 Ford drunks, Crazy girl in fog, First airplane ride, first private airplane ride, Reaction of regret of others in Oak Harbor
1958 1960 O H Machine Shop, Oil squirting fights, Broke a tank, Oxy Acet deliveries, Steel pick up in Seattle, Loganberry wine. EJC, Bill Vireck, O H Freight Lines, Virginia Heaven and Marge Bauer, Stanwood and Northern Michigan. Lincoln in mud/ditch on the coast. Dr. Broussard, Mr. Scott in French, Conjugating Verbs.  Yakima Firing Ctr, Frosts, driving high, 30 pies,  Anita’s dress shop, Dr. Broussard First drunk
1961 1962 Lyon Van Lines, Icelandic Air, Iceland, Airport walk,  Chess tournament, hot milk, Europe,  Deux cheveau,  Waiter job.  Bridgette B job, hitch hiking East to Spain, Rolled over in VW with Youth Hostel Film, Gwen,  Penn pals,  Mom to New York, Chevy motor change, U of W, Marshalls, UPS job, Totaled 57 Chev.
1962 1963 Dorm living, Saul, The hora, O H Freight, Odd jobs, Mercer Pratt home,  Bev, Assoc & Econ Degree, Summer School, Teamsters, Hove, England, Tissos, Skopje, Yugoslavia,—— Kennedy killed, Thailand,  Saigon,
1964 1965 Tokyo, San Francisco, Rental, Impounded car,  eggs in basket, GAB, screen doors, Storm duty, rented room, Met Margaret, Honeymoon, smashed finger, First apartment.
1965 1966 Kennewick house,  House on Rainier, Met Bradbury. Port Angeles on cliff
1967 1968 Port Angeles, Dwelling inspections, John Simon, Bremerton AK question. Fairbanks, Old John Lake, Cessna 140, Fuel cache, Baby boy, First martini, Smalley, Markland, Perkins, Hunter, snow machines, Moose? Caribou?, March of Dimes Campaign Director
1969 1970 Ice haul Rd trip, Melanie born,  Corinna Born, Seattle surgery, Flying lessons?? CAP landing at Mile 66,  Merdes Schaible offer.  Bradbury
1971 1972 Pilots license??   CFI ? Juneau, Float flight over bridge wires. Tail wheel off, Carb heat broke, over ice cap
1973 1974 To Spokane.  Wallace ID. Real Estate Test, TM, World Book program, Missoula MT. Floats,
1975 1976 WB Div Mgr, Zig Ziglar, Grass field landing, Canada landing, Yakima landing. To Fairbanks, Campball & Assoc. Merdes Schaible
1977 1978 ISI Legal Inv., Prudhoe bus driver stmt. Federal Dairy Subpoena: “Is that all?” WAD Finland
1979 1980 Surveillance, Galen Cook.,  WAD Ft. Lauderdale,
1981 1982 WAD?. Grizzly tracks at lake.  Chuck’s bear. Lost in woods 3 times, Crimestoppers
1983 1984 WAD?  CALI, NALI, CII, NSA The Kotlik Caper.?? MC Dermatomiositus

Pudhoe Bay. Rope between buildings

1985 1986 Snow on Labor day at Gold King. Anchorage ISI office. Nat Online Conf. “The View From the Bullseye” We lost Bobbie
1987 1988 Mesa AZ, Bank approval on Condo, ION, Executive Office Suite
1989 1990 ION, The Charged Particle, Resource Line, Norm Peterson
1991 1992 ION Investigators Anywhere. The Charged particle
1993 1994 Bob Whitman?
1995 1996 WIN, CII.  PI Magazine ?
1997 1998 ASIS
1999 2000 Programing scare 2000
2001 2002 Bob Whitman ???,  Mom’s stroke,
2003 2004 O H clean up ten  tons.  Found Youth Hostel article. Started construction, permitting process.
2005 2006 Accident  Dr. B &  post-surgery delirium and haluciaitons. Cognitive test fatigue,
2007 2008 Programing, Mediation, Birmingham Award, Corinna’s blood clot, Calif Dr. apt.
2009 2010 Fairbanks visit.??
2011 2012 Sold ION. Special Investigations job,  The Big Short,  Trading. OTA
2013 2014 Real estate license.  KW, Cal Fye Listing Reno stay. Kirkland apt.
2015 2016 Sold OH house, Kirkland
 2014  2016  Sold Real Estate in Kirkland WA with three different brokerages. Learned a lot
2016 August Moved to Phoenix AZ and obtained AZ Real Estate Broker License
2017 December Started substitute teaching
2018 June Allowed real estate license to become inactive and created 1961 Notes.

Things I can Tell you about, from personal experience.

Moose hunting in Alaska

Hitch Hiking across Syria, Yugoslavia, Turkey, Lebanon, Israel, Cypress, Cambodia, Europe, Asia, Mexioco, etc

Walking on water, and also driving.

Communicating through language barriers.

A salesman’s powerful door approach

The good part of Selling door to door.

Real Estate sales for a living.

Float plane landing on a moving stream with a cross wind

Making others smile

What to call a waiter or waitress in a foreign country.


Title:  From Where You are at

The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, but wiser people so full of doubts.

—Bertrand Russell

Real Estate, How impressive are statistics and estimates?  They are prepared without knowing many variables.  Generalizations are always suspect.


Write An article about the oasis called McDonald’s

Use chart from Dr Rhoads and my investigation quote to talk about aging.


F Scott Fitzgerald reportedly said: “All good writing is swimming underwater holding your breath.”

Title:  TRAVEL TIPS for the trip of a Lifetime (i.e. Living Life)

Stay physically and socially active

Easy is the enemy

The caption under a cartoon picture of a doctor asking a patient is: If your busy schedule won’t allow you to exercise an hour a day, will it allow you to be dead 24 hours a day?

Smile and Agree

World Book and Childcraft 3 ½ years

Objections are a natural and necessary part of the sales process

In sales you learn to overcome objections using proven sales tools, the most powerful way to overcome an objection is to Smile and Agree.  The key to its power is to smile and agree as your only response to the objection, not part of an argument.

Any time you disagree with or are threatened by someone else you are faced with a selling opportunity.

We have probably all found begging or arguing are not effective ways of winning someone over.

Chicken double homicide investigation

Us and Them.

Easy is the Enemy.

When Not To Lead