I received a text from CC last night asking me for the URL of my CQ synergy website. The message got me thinking philosophically about one of my favorite things, good communication. More on the connection with CC’s message later.

In life and society perfection is not an attainable goal. The closest I can imagine to perfect, 100%, good communication, is to people face-to-face talking without external distractions. All other forms of communication go downhill from there. Written communication which is delivered and read by the recipient is good communication except much of the writers intent could not be recorded with words alone. A major part of communication in the face-to-face scenario is tone of voice, facial expressions, gestures, and “vibes”. Telephone communication improves the ability of the receiver to hear tone of voice and voice inflections but the the necessity of the message being interpreted by the receiver and then re-transmitted either in writing or verbally increases the danger of the original communication being altered.

One sided email messages(sent and may be read but not acknowledged) new apps and social media services and systems make good clear communication almost as rare as truth in advertising.

To me, good communication involves many things including both a sender and a clear receiver. When something is posted on a blog or social media site it is like tacking a written note up on millions of utility poles around the world. If no one slows down enough to read the note on the pole, good communication has not occurred. Even using the email does not result in good communication as often as most people think it does. It is understandable why, with the quantity of messages and unsolicited material we all receive online, most people get out of the habit of responding to or even acknowledging a received message.

Consider a verbal contract which if provable by witnesses or a recording, I understand can be enforceable. Two of the essential elements of a contract are a meeting of the minds and consideration. Neither of those are possible by email unless the message received is acknowledged by the recipient. In my opinion a message sent by email or posted on social media without some form of acknowledgment does not even qualify as communication.

Okay what was it about CC’s request that got me on this subject? I have been writing short pieces for this website/blog for several weeks and I have had trouble getting motivated to write on a regular basis. I now realize this lack of motivation comes from the feeling I am nailing notices up on utility poles without any indication anyone ever looks at them. I am not sure I am preserving anything in writing that has value to anyone else but on the chance I am, I would like to keep doing it. This will only be possible if I get some feedback once in a while to let me know someone else is at least reading some of it. It could turn out to be like most gold-mining ventures were a great deal of rocks and dirt have to be moved out of the way to find even a speck of gold but maybe my 78 years of experience have provided me with a few specks of gold to pass on.


Thanks for reading this far. Please send me a short note by email or text or tell me in person you have read some of the material at CQ synergy. I don’t particular Lee want anyone to say “that’s great stuff” because I would figure they were probably just being perfunctory anyway. Knowing someone else is at least looking for those specks of gold is me the motivation I need to keep looking for them in other places and doing my best to record them with out too much debris around them. (Written June 22, 2017)