Job Hunting

Moving from Washington to Arizona last year pushed me back to square one in attempting to earn an income from real estate. It takes a matter of years to build a large enough circle of acquaintances for real estate to become profitable. To keep from totally dissipating our remaining resources while waiting through this building time, I decided to seek gainful employment outside of real estate.

I had tried applying for positions online off-and-on over the past several years and almost without exception was totally ignored. I attributed that to my 70+ years of age. I have now found being over 70 years old has not made me completely invisible as it seemed. I merely needed to take a different approach to job hunting. It might be the pre–Christmas season causing it but for some reason I, all of a sudden, have four possible employers who are actually talking to me.

From an online job search service I received an alert about Amazon hiring package handlers. I filled out the application and was amazed to receive a response. I was invited to an applicant orientation meeting and while there submitted to a drug test by holding a swab in my mouth for 10 minutes and did the I-9 exercise proving I can legally work in the United States. I am now waiting to hear back once they receive the results of the drug test and my criminal history search.

Encouraged by having been acknowledged as a possible employee, I reached out to other potential employers while waitinggs. While continuing to watch the online job search services, I searched online by googling specific companies with the words jobs. In addition to Amazon, have submitted an application to: United Parcel Service, Costco, and Macy’s. I made it past a personal interview at UPS and have an appointment for a personal interview with Macy’s. I was told I would be getting a call from someone at Cosco but that hasn’t happened yet.

The Amazon job is from midnight to 6 AM. UPS job is from 3 AM to 9 AM. Macy’s job which appears to be dealing with problems called in by holders of Macy’s credit cards over the phone is from 5:45 AM till 2:15 PM. The amount of pay ranges from $11 an hour at Amazon to $14 an hour at Macy’s. UPS has an interesting structure where the only pay $10.50 or $11 an hour but if you show up every day you’re supposed to in a given week and are not late for work for a full week you get paid an extra $100 for that week. This raises the base rate there to about $15 an hour. If and when I do receive an offer without further conditions I will have to make a decision.

I’m actually looking forward to having some structure and not having to decide how to attack the world each day on my own. I will add more to this writing when I know more.