My Shortest Career

My Most Recent and Shortest Career.

I quit my new corporate job yesterday after four days of training to work in a vast call center. It was short but worth the effort. After 50 years of self-employment I was curious about how it would be working as an employee of a big company. I knew I was in trouble the first day when I found of 10 students in the class, all under 30 years old, I was the last one to finish following instructions. The instructions involved moving between multiple open programs using acronyms and icons instead of names.

I have been using computers, email and databases since the mid 80s, pre-Internet. My computer use never evolved beyond one to three programs and or screens at a time. I now have a much clearer understanding of the difference between my brain and the brain of a millennial. I suppose a normal person would be devastated by failing in such a short period of time but I am pleased at how much I learned about the workings of a large bureaucracy and how age affects ability in such a short period of time. I was favorably impressed with the workings of the company and the training but I was disappointed by how much my lifelong fast learner abilities had diminished.

It was a short adventure. At 78 years old, I was excited by finally being screened, interviewed and hired by someone. I now again have the challenge of figuring out how to generate income for at least a few more years.

I can still help others buy and or sell real estate without having to flip through a dozen programs while preparing or reviewing documents. I will continue to do the best I can and let the chips fall where they may while reminding myself to enjoy each day to the fullest possible. I have so much to be thankful for it would be a sign of poor intelligence for me to be anything except happy with my life so far and each day I experience.

I am writing this on the remote chance someone else will read it and learn something or gain some insight from it.