Too Good To Be True ?

The real estate market and business in Arizona is drastically different from the Seattle area.  Doing what everyone else is doing just because everyone else is doing does not appeal to me so the past eight months has been spent doing an investigation of the current Arizona real estate investment frenzy.

Arizona has a multitude of fix and flippers, wholesalers, hard money sources and “how to get rich opportunities”. I finally found Sterling Investors which claims to be a place a Realtor can earn a living while helping others get safe, high returns on their savings. Sterling seems so good, it brings to mind the warning; “If it seems too good to be true, it might be too good to be true.” That is why I am presenting this information and seeking feedback.

The organization consists of five companies under the parent: Sterling Group United. Nothing about Sterling seems glaringly false. They claim to have a program returning 8% fixed with no mention of risk.  It is hard to believe anything has no risk.  Their “Turnkey” program claims to return 10% and their pre-development land program claims a return even better than 10%, still with no mention of risk. Their answer to questions about risk is: “These programs don’t involve leverage and are backed by physical income producing real estate”.

Before watching the videos below please go to my simple landing page they provided for me at . Enter your contact information in the place provided for your name, email and phone number. I already know how to reach you so this isn’t just the usual place to capture people’s contact information. Please fill it out so I will know you have gotten that far. Sterling will also receive your identifying information and if and when they contact you, your feedback on how professional and straight forward they are about what they can and cannot do will help us answer the question: “Is this too good to be true?”

After “signing in”  at my landing page, you can come back here and watch the six short Youtube videos below. You will then know all I know about the company and the types of investment opportunities they offer. They will help you develop your questions for when and if someone from Sterling contacts you. I am not ready to recommend putting money into Sterling’s programs yet.  Your feedback and discussing it with you will help.

Thanks.  Let’s talk.


Written April 09, 2017, tweaked April 11.  Please excuse any typos.